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I have a Micromint SB180 enclosure which I use for doing hardware testing and development. I use it without the cover, with the board-under-test perched on top for easy access. It has two 48 track TEAC floppies, but I usually only use one of them. No hard disk at this point.
The picture below shows the system, with my 22MHz SB180 board on it. Looking closely you will see a small blue wire coming out between the SB180 board and the memory board, with a small loop in the end. This wire is attached to the printer port strobe pin. I use the strobe signal in my benchmarking program as a start-stop pulse for timing. This way I can tell if the system clock is actually running at the frequency I am expecting.
The "dead bug" chip beside the floppy is a 7474 flip-flop, pulled from the SB180 U15 socket. It was the chip that inserted the one hardware wait-state for instruction fetches. It is no longer needed... :)

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My Test/Developement System

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