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Wanted Items
I general, I am interested in obtaining any bits and pieces of SB180 hardware, software, and documentation. In particular, I am very interested in obtaining the items on the following list.
If you have any of these items and would like to part with them please contact me. Please click on the "SB180" or "Home" icon at the bottom of this page to find my email address.
Wanted List:
* Any originals or copies of Micromint floppy disks with SB180 software. It would be nice to archive and preserve as much of the original software as possible before bit-rot sets in.
* FX-2MME Memory Expansion Board
* ETS180IO+ I/O Expansion Board
* Hitachi data books for the graphics chips used on the GT180 Graphics Board. These are the HD63484 ACRTC (Advanced CRT Controller), the HD63485 GMIC (Graphic Memory Interface Controller), and the HD63486 GVAC (Graphic Video Attribute Controller).
* Chips!: SMC FDC9266 Floppy Controller; NCR5380 SCSI Controller (40 pin DIP, and QFP).

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