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Here are some links to other SB180 related pages on the web.
The Micromint SB180 by Steve Ciarcia
Lots of useful information and links.
HalBower's Home Page
This web site has lots of interesting software. In particular, it is the source for the Banked/Portable BIOS (B/P-BIOS) and ZSDOS. If you are not running this system software you don't know what you are missing.
System diskettes available from Don Maslin
A source for system disks and other CP/M software.
Vintage Computer Marketplace
Buy and sell vintage computers and related items.
Home of the Z80 CPU
"Official Support-Page: Hardware - Software - Utilities - FAQ - Docs for Z80-Family"
"Designers' and Developers' Forum for Electronics, Embedded Systems, Electro-Mechanical and Human-Machine Interfaces"

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