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The Original SB180, 6MHz
The SB180 is a single board computer designed around the Hitachi HD64180 Processor Chip. Steve Ciarcia, of Circuit Cellar fame, designed the SB180. The design appeared in two consecutive issues of Byte Magazine: September and October 1985.
The SB180 has the following features:
* Hitachi HD64180R0P Processor running at 6.144MHz.
* 256k-byte 150nsec DRAM, with one hardware wait-state inserted for DRAM access. This was typically divided into a 64k TPA for CP/M - Z-system, and a 192k RAM disk.
* 8k EPROM, with boot code and monitor. Designed to handle 16k and 32k EPROMs also.
* two RS-232 serial ports, 300 to 19200 baud. One is the console (terminal) port, the other could be used for a modem, etc.
* floppy disk controller, single/double density, which could handle up to four drives (3.5, 5.25, or 8 inch, in any combination).
* Centronics parallel printer port.
* requires only +5 and +12 VDC. The +12 VDC was used only for the serial port drivers. An onboard DC inverter provided -12 VDC for the serial port drivers.
* board size is 4 by 7.5 inches.
Header and Jumper Information
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