SB180 Documentation

I have the following documents. If you need a copy of any of this information to get your SB180 going, send me a note.

Hardware Documentation
SB180 Single Board Computer User's Manual, Rev 1.0, plus Errata
Includes schematics.
Tip Sheet, 10/23/85
Three pages of information for First Time users. Includes floppy jumper settings for various Teac FD-55 drives.
SB180/SB180FX Packaged Systems Start-up Instructions
This came with the systems which had a SCSI hard disk and the XBIOS software. Includes Seagate ST138N jumper settings and XBIOS configuration settings.
SB180FX 9.216MHz Upgrade Kit
This also applies to the SB180. Instructions for unstalling the faster processor, 74S158s, 18.432MHz crystal, and new EPROM. A new EPROM was needed because the on-chip register values for the baud rates are different for different processor speeds.
COMM180-M/S Modem/SCSI Interface Board for the SB180 User's Manual, Rev 1.0
Hitachi HD64180 Processor Data Manual
NCR 5380 Data Manual
SB180FX Technical Manual, Release 1.01
Includes schematics.
FX-2MME SB180FX 2 Megabyte Memory Expansion Technical Manual, Release 1.0
SB180FX Schematics, 11x17, six sheets.

Byte Magazine Articles
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the SB180 Single-Board Computer, Part 1: The Hardware, Volume 10, Number 9, September 1985, pp 84-101.
This was the article which introduced the SB180. In-depth description of the hardware, includes schematics.
Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar: Build the SB180 Single-Board Computer, Part 2: The Software, Volume 10, Number 10, October 1985, pp 86-97.
Description of the Z-System software available for the SB180.
Turnkey Bulletin-Board System, Volume 10, Number 12, December 1985, pp 93-103.
This article describes the COMM180-M modem expansion board, and the Term-III bulletin-board software.
Build the GT180 Color Graphics Board, Part 1: Basic Technology, Volume 11, Number 11, November 1986, pp 105-113.
Build the GT180 Color Graphics Board, Part 2: Hardware, Volume 11, Number 12, December 1986, pp 87-98.
Build the GT180 Color Graphics Board, Part 3: Software, Volume 12, Number 1, January 1987, pp 85-92.
You may be able to find these articles at your local library, if they have a micro-film archive of old magazines.

Micromint Literature
SB180, COM180, TKBBS front-back glossy data sheets
Micromint '89 Catalog of Single-Board and Industrial Controllers, SB180/ImageWise Edition

North American One-Eighty Group
The One-Eighty File, The Cronicle of the 8-Bit Renaissance, Volume 1, #1 (January 1986) through #12 (December 1986), Volume 2, #1 (January 1987) through #6 (not dated, but postmarked August 1987).
NAOG Member letter advertising XBIOS and the ETS180IO+ IO Expansion Board for the SB180, and a one-page front-back flyer about the ETS180IO+, describing the features of the board.

Software Documentation
SB180 System Software Suite
Short descriptions for the system utilities that came with the SB180. Descriptions included for fvc, mdsk, time, config, sysgen, init, boot, bios, zcpr3.z80, z3hdr.lib, z3base.lib, ports.lib, movz, mkzsys.zex, genhex.com, and genspr.com. Also includes a one page summary of zas pseudo-ops, and zdm/zdmz/zdmh command summary.
ZRDOS Version 1.0 Echelon Z-System Disk Operating System Programmer's Guide
Documents ZRDOS function call parameters.
ZDM/ZDMZ/ZDMH Z80/HD64180 Debugger and Monitor User's Guide
ZAS Relocating Macro Assembler and Linker for Z80 and HD64180
User's manual for zas, zlink, zlib, zcon and zref.

Xsystems Software's XBIOS Documentation
XBIOS Flyer, a one page front-back flyer describing XBIOS for the SB180, and DateStamper.
eXtended BIOS (XBIOS) User's Manual
XBIOS Release 1.2 Installation Notes and Update Notes
DateStamper Manual, Special Addendum to the XBIOS System Manual

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