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The GT180 Color Graphics Board
The GT180 is a color graphics board for the SB180 and the SB180FX. It was introduced in the Circuit Cellar column of the November 1986 issue of BYTE Magazine, with continuing articles in the December 1986 and the January 1987 issues. It provides the following features:
* Hitachi HD63484 ACRTC (Advanced CRT Controller), with hardware commands such as LINE, RECTANGLE, POLYLINE, POLYGONE, CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, ARC, FILLED RECTANGLE, PAINT, PATTERN, and COPY.
* Programmable hardware split-screen and (one!) hardware window.
* 2 million pixels per second drawing speed.
* 640x480 resolution with 16 out of a palette of 4096 colors.
* 512k byte (4M bit) graphic memory.
* digital RGBI (red, green, blue, intensity) video output, and when the Brooktree D/A convertor is installed an analog RGB output. Video connectors are DB15.
* IBM-PC compatible keyboard input.
* 5.75" x 8" board, piggy-backs onto the SB180 or the SB180FX (same size as the FX). Electrical connection through the XBUS. The XBUS is passed through so other expansion boards can still be used when the GT180 is installed.
* A graphics programming library was available along with an SB180 specific version of Borland's Turbo Modula-2.
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