Picture Gallery

These pictures were taken by me (except for the last two, which were taken by my dad) with an Estes AstroCAM model rocket camera. The film used is 110 cartridges with a 1/400 sec shutter, infinite focus. The are kind of fuzy and arbitrary in subject. Enjoy!

Here is a nice horizon shot at BNL. At right-of-center is the decommisioned Graphite Research Reactor, just below that is the Tandem Van-DeGraff Building. Just below that is the Instrumentation Division Building. At left-bottom you can just make out the 'high-bay' of the Physics Building. The upper-right corner has a piece of the stack for the HFBR.

Another shot at BNL. Center left is the NSLS, center is the Instrumentation Division Building, above that is the Tandem Van-DeGraff Building, above and to the right of that is the decommisioned Graphite Research Reactor building.

This is (unfortunately) a double-exposure. I forgot to advance the film between shots. Except for being a double-exposure, this is a near perfect picture of the High Flux Beam Reactor (HFBF). It is the dome in the upper right. Across the street is the Metalurgy Building. In the other image is more of the Metalurgy building and the rear of the Instrumentation building.

Here is a picture of part of Rt 14 in front of my parents house, as well as some of their driveway.

Here is the roof of my parents house, some more of their driveway, and on the right, my little red Renault.

Looking up the driveway towards Rt 14. AstroCAM liftoff. Jim taking cover. Me launching.

My parent's front lawn, me launching, AstroCAM ignition.